Hey everyone!!! 

       Welcome to my art site, my name is Maurice Mentor artistically known as Cityblockartist! This website is a portfolio HUB to promote/sell and network with and to the world on a bigger scale. I'm a freelance artist  born and bred in East Flatbush Brooklyn NYC. Since I was a munchkin to even now as an adult I have always lived and breathed art in any and every possible way,  Like many of the art community I am confident and proud  to say that art has been the pure energy source that allows me to express the multi-layers of who I really am while reaching into higher dimensions of artistic evolution. Its honestly taken a few years to really to understand what it  means to identify as my art and vice versa, keep in mind I'm still learning  but aren't we all?

 Either way everyone is very much welcomed  to join me on this vibing  adventure . [^o^]


-Illustration ( digital / live Hand)



-Graphic Design

-Custom Art Clothing 

-3D modeling

-Button/Earring/Magnet creation



-Custom Drinks and Bottle designs



-Born into a MARVEL loving family.

-A major SPIDER MAN fan boy <3 

- Huge anime and comic book baby ( literally grew up on it )

- Yes its very true I love cute and fluffy things. 

-High level supporter of PANCAKES and RAMEN!! ( obviously not together ) 

-Robots and Cybernetic Awesomeness  is complete life !!!


Thanks a lot for the support moving forward so please enjoy .

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peace and love
peace and love
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